Sarvam tat prajnanetram Knowledge is the eye of all - Aitareya Upanisad.
We perceive the things of the world, conceive them, evaluate their usefulness and agreeability to our senses, form some conception of value, try either to accept them or reject them depending upon their agreeability to us, thus, think that our sole purpose of existence is confronting the things of the world, even though in some rare moments, we feel as if transcending the world.

We do this in many different ways, in innumerable manners, relevant to our countless situations and different idiosyncrasies, peculiar to each of us. These processes have become automatic and spontaneous, and hardly we have time to reflect on what we are doing. Reflections India provides an opportunity to all those who pause a little and think over the validity of their ideas and perceptions, who try to discover their own reality in the web of life and ascertain the purposefulness of life and existence.


The Wave of Beauty

A mystic song in praise of the Divine Mother.


The experience and expression of the highest truth.

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